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SEO your website with NKY SEO and gain audience with target keywords and search engine optimization. NKY SEO services Independence, KY and worldwide.


Search Engine OptimizationNKY SEO will format up to 10 pages of your website to meet or exceed search engine standards for $199.00, additional pages are $19.00 each. Single page SEO is $29.99 each page. Though no specific results can be guaranteed, most of our clients land within the top 1-4 pages of internet search results for targeted keywords and search strings, which are words and short phrases web users type in search engines in order to find information. Search engine results the Client would like to be near the top of are the responsibility of the Client to provide NKY SEO with specific keywords and search string requests. NKY SEO does guarantee top 100 search engine ranking of requested keywords and search strings, but, has no control over if web users are actually searching for the requested keywords and search strings. We recommend checking Keyword Spy before making a final decision on your keywords and search strings.

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NKY SEO Search Engine Optimization Portfolio:

Client: Haggard Construction

Targeted Search String: new basement construction nky

Result: Page 1 of Google, organic search result #3 of 304,000 results.


Client: Ahlers Marine Of Hilton Head

Targeted Search String: jet ski repair hilton head

Result: Page 1 of Google, organic search result #1 of 38,500 results.


Client: ATAP Publishing

Targeted Search String: Gregory B. Williams

Result: Page 1 of Google, organic search result #3 of 94,900,000 results.

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